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23 DEC 2015
Category: Consumer disputes Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 1

Is Your E-shop Prepared For The New European Regulation?

Alternative dispute resolution tools for resolving consumer disputes (e.g. mediation, conciliation, arbitration) have existed in Europe for several decades. They have proved to be a healthy alternative to judicial court proceedings, which are usually too intimidating, lengthy – and yes, also costly. In 2013, the European Union decided to further promote use of...

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23 DEC 2015
Category: Negotiations Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 2

6 Doctrines of Negotiating

There is a big meeting tomorrow and you need to close the deal, but the very thought of ‘negotiating’ makes you cringe. As your nerves get the better of you, remember this: Studies have shown that people who have not mastered the art of negotiation are 60% less successful! However, to become an effective negotiator...

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26 NOV 2015
Category: Online Dispute Resolution Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 1

Modria and the Future of Dispute Resolution

In Tomorrow’s Lawyers, British legal futurist Richard Susskind notes that technology comes in two flavors. In its more basic form, technology automates — it streamlines processes that once required significant human effort. Typewriters replaced handwriting, and later word processors replaced typewriters, for example. But sometimes technology does more than...

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26 NOV 2015
Category: Mediation Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 3

Five Reasons Why Mediation Should Be Offered in the Workplace

Mediation works very well for cases involving employment issues for a number of reasons such as savings in cost and time, maintenance of the employment relationship, confidentiality, improvement in the management functionality of your business and better morale among employees.

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27 MAY 2015
Category: Mediation Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 1

Shadow Parties in Mediation

Author/Source/Copyright: Jean-Marie Crahan, ADR Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, Special Master

In mediation that occurs as a part of the litigation process the attorneys for the parties and the parties themselves must appear.  At times, however, resolution may be hard to reach if there is someone else upon whom an individual relies for...

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