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/// Consumer disputes

20 JAN 2017
Category: Consumer disputes Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 2

Solutions in consumer disputes: better proposed or imposed?

The European Commission is making an effort to promote alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes and the relevant European legislation is coming into force in the member states through the implementation of Directive 2013/11/EU and the adoption of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 on consumer ODR. The essence of this legislative initiative is to ensure ...

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23 DEC 2015
Category: Consumer disputes Author: Petros Zourdoumis Comments: 1

Is Your E-shop Prepared For The New European Regulation?

Alternative dispute resolution tools for resolving consumer disputes (e.g. mediation, conciliation, arbitration) have existed in Europe for several decades. They have proved to be a healthy alternative to judicial court proceedings, which are usually too intimidating, lengthy – and yes, also costly. In 2013, the European Union decided to further promote use of...

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