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We negotiate every day. It is automatic process, so common we do not even realize it.  We negotiate a trade agreement, our salary in a new job, buying or selling property, the solution on a dispute. But even everyday things which are simpler… such as the time our children will return from their night out with their friends! Is it necessary that all our daily negotiations have to be face to face? Not anymore!

An online world

Technology has communication solutions which give negotiations a new electronic dimension. Orders for products and services worth millions of euros are conducted online between companies. Deals are made remotely without the parties ever being met. The e-commerce turnover is increasing every day. The parties to a dispute have an option of using synchronous or asynchronous communication to resolve it. Even the negotiations with our children for the time they will be back home from their night out with friends is made through SMS, Messenger or Viber! Isn’t amazing how many issues we solve through means of technology?  

Yes, it’s the email!

In e-negotiations we can think of the most advanced technological solutions involved. However, can you guess which is the most used way of electronic negotiations? It’s the e mail. Think about it. How many contacts, arrangements, invitations, discussions and negotiations we do every day through our e mail? So, it is worth knowing the tool, the ways of using it and the negotiation techniques through e mail, before clicking the Send button!

Technological neutrality

However, there are also more sophisticated tools & solutions. “Smart” technology, advanced softwares, artificial intelligence. Systems that negotiate on your behalf! They are all part of the world we live in. This is the concept of "technological neutrality" in conflict resolution. A term which belongs to ODReurope and is used to pinpoint the technological intelligence element of dispute resolution systems to be neutral in the exploration and production of solutions to different kind of disputes.


The electronic negotiations platform Smartsettle is one more international co-operation of ODReurope. It is a sophisticated and at the same time simple to use system for resolving disputes which has the element of technological neutrality. Learn more by clicking the icon below

Negotiations services

Thousands of companies and individuals all over the world use negotiation services to solve simple and complex disputes and make major as well as simple every day deals. It is on these quality and organizational standards of foreign ADR centers that the Negotiations, Mediation and Online Dispute Resolution Centre ODReurope has been established and operate in Greece.


The world of e-settlement is exciting. It generates however, some questions! This is what we in ODReurope are here for. To provide answers. CONTACT us and become part of this "smart" new world.

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