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ODReurope webpage provides its services to visitors bound by the following Terms of Use. Please take some time to read them carefully.

Electronic Communications with ODReurope
When visiting ODReurope webpage or send electronic messages (e-mails), you contact the ODReurope webpage electronically. Therefore you equally accept the right of ODReurope to contact you electronically. You also agree in advance that these electronic communications and the information moving through them, meet all applicable legal requirements and rules related to the exchange of such communications in writing.

Website Copyright Protection
All content included on ODReurope website, indicatively, texts, graphics, trademarks, images, digital archives, publications, visual material and software, is the exclusive property of ODReurope or of the providers who cooperate with the website and is protected by Greek and international laws of copyright. Any indirect use of this website and its content, for the benefit of another business, commercial or otherwise, without the written consent of ODReurope is strictly prohibited.

Limitation of liability from the use of this website
ODReurope website with all its content is provided as seen by visitors. For this reason, users of this website agree to use the webpage on their own responsibility. ODReurope does not in any way guarantee that ODReurope website, servers or emails sent from ODReurope will not contain viruses or other harmful elements. ODReurope assumes no responsibility for damage of any kind that can be caused from the use of this website including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages.

Use License and Website Access
ODReurope grants a limited license to access and use its website for the purposes of communicating with it. Visitors of ODReurope maintain a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create a hyper-link (hyperlink) to the ODReurope home page on their own webpage, as long as this hyper-link describes ODReurope or services with accuracy. Any deviation of the above leads to the revocation of the license and requires the immediate removal of the hyper-link (hyperlink) from their website.  

Change of Website Content
All information and content included on this website and on the website of ODReurope in general, as well as the structure and function of the website can be are subjected to alterations at the discretion of ODReurope without prior notice to the public.

Limitation of Liability
ODReurope without offering any warranties and therefore be liable, provides maximum effort to ensure that all information and content of ODReurope website has the maximum accuracy, clarity, timeliness, completeness, accuracy and availability. Under no circumstances, including negligence, ODReurope could be held liable for any damage caused to the public as a result of the use of this website. 

Electronic addresses database (e-mails)
All the e-mails of the visitors and clients of ODReurope are used solely to provide to them information on topics related to alternative dispute resolution and for no other purpose. They remain solely in the database of ODReurope. When a visitor or client chooses to be removed from the mailing list, then his/her e-mail will be deleted.  

Discharge of liability for articles and posts on the website
ODReurope website visitors can send articles, comments, reviews and stories to post on the ARTICLES and BLOG sections of the website. ODReurope publishes all articles, comments, reviews and stories always stating the name of the author.  At the same time it keeps the right not to publish articles, comments, reviews and stories if it decides that they do not meet the ethical, academic & professional standards of ODReurope and have no connection with the subject of the website. ODReurope also re-publishes articles and material from other authors. ODReurope has no responsibility for any published article, both as to its content and to any possible violation of the copyright of the original authors.

Liability for third parties content
ODReurope will not be responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it provides links, hyperlinks or advertising banners, nor does it guarantee their availability. Access to other websites is offered solely for the convenience of the ODReurope website visitors and in no way creates any kind of commitment on ODReurope. Problems that may arise during the visit/use of other websites to which ODReurope website refers relate solely to the responsibility of these websites where visitors must resort for any information.  

Applicable law - Settlement of disputes
ODReurope website visitors automatically agree that these Terms of Use are subjected to Greek Laws concerning disputes arising between users of the website and ODReurope. Any disputes relating in any way to the use of the ODReurope website or services provided through it will be resolved extra-judicially through negotiations or mediation if so needed (ether online or with the physical presence of the parties). In case the dispute is not resolved, the applicable jurisdiction is that of the Courts of Thessaloniki.

Copyright ODReurope
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