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ODR providers

Researching online dispute resolution providers and information can be an endless task! There have been significant initiatives in the past years towards the evolution of ODR. Many were abandoned, many were changed in due course and many still operate. ODReurope posts an indicative list that includes several platforms and applications that mark the history of ODR. Needless to say there are more!

Cutting-edge technologies from ODReurope

ODReurope is at the center of ODR through collaborations and contacts with the leading platform and application providers of ODR systems. At the same time it works on innovation technology solutions for resolving disputes and supports "intelligent" ODR programs. To put it simply, we are part of the technology that gives solutions!

Simulation programs

Dispute resolution platforms and applications ODReurope uses have impressive technological features. Learn how they operate by contacting ODReurope and participating in frequently organized presentations through workshops and webinars.

Ideas converted to applications

ODR is making its first steps. The evolution of technology, the need for speedy resolution processes, innovative ideas, can all lead to the making of new useful and smart applications. If you have one in your mind, we are here to work on it. In ODReurope we can convert your ideas to new ODR technology.


The world of e-settlement is exciting. It generates however, some questions! This is what we in ODReurope are here for. To provide answers. CONTACT us and become part of this "smart" new world.

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