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/// ODR in Consumers Disputes

We give e-resolving to e-shopping disputes

Consumer disputes

Millions of transactions are made every day worldwide between businesses and consumers. Many in brick and mortar stores and an increasing number online. The B2C (Business to Consumers) relationship creates millions of disputes and they need quick and easy settlement procedures.

Building trust through ODR

The volume of global e-trading and the need for trust in e-commerce has led to the creation of technological systems which simplify and shorten electronic settlement procedures. To put it another way it led to a new era of online resolution of consumer disputes. Consumers can now feel secure by being offered access to advanced settlement systems embedded on e-shops and brick and mortar businesses websites. On the other hand businesses will move towards a new perception of managing disputes with their customers. An entire everyday world is changing for the better.

International partnerships

ODReurope participates in international cooperation networks which include leading private and public dispute resolution bodies, ODR providers, academic institutions such as Amherst College, organizations focused on ODR such as the National Center for Technology & Dispute Resolution, leading experts and academics from all over the world in the field of online dispute resolution.

European legislation

The great value of alternative dispute resolution practices has led the European Commission to promote two pieces of legislation that did change the map of resolving consumer disputes. The European Directive 2013/11 on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes incorporated into the Greek law by the Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015 and European Regulation 524/2013 on online resolution of consumer dispute which has come into effect on January 9, 2016.


The YOUSTICE platform is the first private ODR platform for consumer disputes to operate in a uniform way throughout the world, has two levels of resolving disputes (negotiations level and resolution by a neutral level) and very sophisticated technological features. Learn more by clicking the icon below

EU ODR platform

The EU ODR platform was created by the European Commission in order to facilitate European consumers and European businesses resolve their disputes online. Learn more by clicking the icon below


The world of e-settlement is exciting. It generates however, some questions! This is what we in ODReurope are here for. To provide answers. CONTACT us and become part of this "smart" new world.

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