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/// International Mediation & ADR survey by IMI

International Mediation & ADR survey by IMI
28 JAN 2017
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International Mediation & ADR survey by IMI

“The 2016 Census of Conflict Management Stakeholders and Trends commissioned by the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”) collects and presents statistics and insights of stakeholders regarding Mediation and Appropriate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) Awareness. The survey is believed to be the first ever international census of the mediation/ADR community to date.

The survey addresses the needs of business & advisors, mediators & providers, educators, government, NGOs and other stakeholders in using and/or practicing mediation and ADR. The survey further encompasses market observations on the effectiveness of IMI as an organization overall and whether there are areas of further development in professionalizing mediation and also benefitting its supporters.

The survey provides a very useful snapshot of the state of the international market for mediation. The report thus pays focused attention to the respondent profile in the first instance, not only to explain the survey methodology but also to highlight market trends.”

Extract from the Executive Summary of the survey.

Read the full IMI 2016 INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION & ADR SURVEY census on conflict management stakeholders & trends


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