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You need to make a deal or solve a dispute? We have Smartsettle for you.
Easy, fast and convenient. Technological neutrality at its best.

Negotiations from the comfort of your office

Negotiation can for a long time be conducted without the physical presence of the parties involved. As trade is globalized and time becomes more valuable for all, online negotiation is becoming a technological alternative to the traditional form of negotiations.

Cutting Edge technology

Advanced platforms and intelligent software can now handle simple disputes and save time and money. Different online negotiation systems are designed to meet the challenges of the times we live in. Whether it's a sophisticated negotiating tool, an artificial intelligence system that fully automates the negotiation process between the parties, or standard videoconferencing platforms for direct negotiations, it appears that online negotiations will gain ground and be used more and more in the near future.

Meet the SMARTSETTLE platform

There are times when a dispute is not as complex and is confined to a single issue, most often a numerical one. Technology has developed applications which can handle such disputes with "technological neutrality". ODReurope cooperates with SMARTSETTLE, a company that has expertise in operating "blind bidding" negotiation systems which make numerical issues very simple and easy to resolve. If you want to know more click on the link and visit SMARTSETTLE ( or click on the icon below for a short video

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