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YOUSTICE is the only two level dispute resolution platform in the world that has two levels of resolving consumer disputes. Direct negotiations between consumer and trader and resolution by a third neutral. It operates on the basis of the national and EU legislation and in a uniform way in all the countries of the world.

Innovation in Dispute Resolution

The YOUSTICE platform provides the simplest online consumer dispute resolution environment. With innovative features, such as pictograms, list of dispute issues and possible redress, ODR providers list, display of neutrals with their full profile, limited need for written texts, direct negotiation tool between the parties, simultaneous translation and many more. The YOUSTICE platform cooperates with professional associations, e-commerce and consumer associations and is already used by companies, consumers and online dispute resolution bodies worldwide.

Resolution even in a few hours

YOUSTICE platform has two levels of resolution!

NEGOTIATIONS: traders and consumers negotiate directly through the platform to find a solution to their dispute. It is the level where most of the consumer disputes are resolved, even in just a few hours.

SUBMISSION TO RESOLVE: if the parties do not reach agreement then the consumer may submit the dispute for resolution to an ADR entity which assigns the case to a third independent neutral to resolve the dispute.

It is simple. It is easy. It is friendly to use.

Youstice for businesses

Online dispute resolution through YOUSTICE platform is a smart choice for businesses around the world. It gives easy & simple solutions. It creates more satisfied customers. It increases the volume of transactions. Click the icon below, connect your business to YOUSTICE and manage professionally disputes you may have with your customers.

Youstice for consumers

Online dispute resolution through YOUSTICE platform is a smart choice for consumers around the world. It makes shopping online safer. It reduces discomfort when problems arise. It allows them to participate in the resolution processes of their dispute. Click the icon below and invite traders you buy products and services from to use YOUSTICE in order to resolve in a smart and easy way your disputes.

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