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/// ODReurope & ODR Latinoamerica join forces for ODR

ODReurope & ODR Latinoamerica join forces for ODR
28 JUL 2016
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ODReurope & ODR Latinoamerica join forces for ODR


A very promising co-operation between ODReurope and ODR Latinoamerica has emerged in the aftermath of the Hague ODR Conference 2016 held at the International Court of Justice with a view of promoting further amongst professionals, businesses, individuals and the State the use of online tools and applications for resolving disputes. ODR Latinoamerica is one of the leading entities in the world in the field of ODR, a key contributor to the evolution of online dispute resolution, both in professional, scientific and academic level with a high record of promoting ODR practices through various activities all over the world.

The co-operation agreement covers a wide range of activities, all related to the field of ODR and ADR such us, exchange of information on available or under progress dispute resolution technologies and systems, joint presence to fora, organizations, institutions and schemes related to ODR, common projects, training and continuous professional development for mediators, cross border mediation services and many more.



Alberto Elisavetsky, founder and CEO of ODR Latinoamerica, has stated: “We have made a very promising step by joining forces with ODReurope, covering the two sides of the Atlantic. ODR practices need to be spread around the world and it is our common goal to widen this co-operation to other entities from other continents. We believe in ODR, it is the time to make it a reality in everyday disputes”


 Petros Zourdoumis, founder of ODReurope, has stated “ODR Latinoamerica has a long history in ODR and we are delighted to join forces. Our co-operation marks our strong commitment to work towards making dispute resolution technology an easy accessible process for everyone whether engaged in ADR or judicial procedures. We invest in the power of ODR, we believe it is the future of dispute resolution”

You can visit ODR Latinoamerica and ODReurope websites for news and activities.

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