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/// ODReurope participates in CYBERWEEK 2015 organized by ADRhub and Werner Institute USA

ODReurope participates in CYBERWEEK 2015 organized by ADRhub and Werner Institute USA
31 OCT 2015
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ODReurope participates in CYBERWEEK 2015 organized by ADRhub and Werner Institute USA

ODReurope is participating on November 2-6, 2015 in CYBERWEEK 2015, the biggest web conference in the world concerning ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) and the integration of technology in Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is organized by the ADRhub and the Werner Institute of Creighton University, USA.


ODReurope will be the co-speaker on a webinar on the advancements of ODR in Europe under the general title “Online Europe: how far away from ODR”, which will be held on November 5 at 19:00 and will focus particularly on the practical dimension of promoting Online applications for dispute resolution in its presentation titled «From e-shopping to e-resolving: Youstice & ODReurope lead Europe's first steps towards ODR».


The CYBERWEEK conference is open to all those who have an interest and monitor developments around the issue of online dispute resolution. All participants can register to watch the live presentations and other conference activities, participate in discussions and submit questions to the speakers on almost all conference topics.

Petros Zourdoumis, founder of ODReurope has noticed: The European Union has long realized that long procedures for resolving consumer disputes create obstacles to the proper functioning of the internal market, diminish consumer confidence, especially in cross-border transactions, reduce the volume of trade and undermine competitiveness and growth. In response to that, Europe has adopted Directive 2013/11/EE to introduce ADR practices in all member states for simple, fast and low-cost solution to consumer disputes and do so in a uniform way in order to eliminate the disparities in ADR coverage throughout the Union. Moreover, it gave to the whole idea a digital dimension with Regulation (EU) 524/2014 on consumer ODR. As we believe that the next step of legislating good intentions is to make them applicable good practices, we took it on from there, using the EU legal framework, the European environment and the need to be fast, effective and practical. Cyberweek 2015 is the ideal forum for ODReurope to present YOUSTICE, a new generation web application, which is today the only “two level” tool in the world for negotiating and resolving all consumer disputes online. At the same time it gives one more opportunity for ODReurope to extend an invitation to all those involved in online dispute resolution to co-operate closely for the promotion of ODR in Europe ” 

If you wish to attend the conference you can register by clicking on REGISTER and follow the relevant link.

More information on the topic of ODReurope can be found by clicking on ONLINE EUROPE


To view the full conference program click on CYBERWEEK 2015

The presentation of ODReurope will be available after the conference on the websites of and of



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